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Something to share for those who are interested...

I hope this is considered an appropriate post for this journal. I was asked to post something today by my dear, dear daughter-in-law, and to share it in any community where I thought people might find it relevant. She and my daughter are grieving the loss of one of their friends this week, who after a long battle with mental illness, ended up taking their own life. I won't say I am "happy" to post this for my daughter-in-law, because it represents an extremely sad thing, but if even one person is helped by reading her heartfelt words, it has been worth it, for both her and myself.  I have added a resource list with web links and hotline numbers at the end. If you are interested, here is the link to my journal, and I have left it a public post - I am allowing anonymous comments, but I am screening them first. Thank you ~ hg


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